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The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad

The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad

Custom development is the one sensible option for NFT Launchpad development since this’s the sole method to offer good protection and security for the platform and people. Moreover, only a seasoned designer in Blockchain, DeFi, and NFT must have the job. We’ve outstanding team and also marvelous experience in NFT development.

The following are the recent cases of ours in NFT and also blockchain development: 

BigFan – it’s a platform for promoting sports new nft games using ERC 1155. All tokens are given in cooperation with sports teams and players or maybe the official representatives of theirs.

Vleppo – this BaaS platform provides enterprises and freelancers with a strategy to control and transport the digital assets of theirs, produce sensible contracts with integrated escrow features, and also have a loan with cryptocurrency collateral.

Wide Wine – a logistic blockchain platform that can help trace the supply chains of wine and confirm the authenticity. Examine the situation.

Coinbird/CEX – cryptocurrency exchange with high level security and safety. Moreover, it supports operations with fiat currencies. Examine the situation.

AltcoinsHub – it’s a P2P exchange that can help to trade all famous cryptocurrencies.

The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad

Step 1: Define the project ‘s idea 

The initial step of NFT launchpad development calls for defining the company is designed as well as goals, monetization models, integrations, functionality, design requirements, and so on. The happier you comprehend and explain these aspects, the better it is going to be for all the designers to carry out the ideas of yours.

In addition, choosing a certain niche for your project is a wise idea. Hence, you are going to have a narrower target audience yet personalize the layout and advertising to help make the task much more effective and economical.

Below are a few cases of niches.


We don’t recommend this niche if the budget of yours and time are restricted since there are lots of competitors. Nevertheless, this particular specialized niche gets much funding and many investors and NFT enthusiasts.

Video games. 

This’s possibly the next most promising niche for creating your very own NFT touchpad. At exactly the same time, it is able to overtake digital art in the end because the industry for video games is significantly bigger compared to the market for conventional and digital art.

Film industry. 

This industry services the largest market. It touches everyone to some degree, since all watch films and also series. Hence, this particular market is promising too.


These’re people that are famous who have an audience. The influencers can efficiently profit from the popularity of theirs with NFTs.


Numerous individuals are content creators (texts, memes, animations, images, photos, 3d models). NFT launchpad will help to monetize content easily.


The musicians use NFTs to profit from the art of theirs for quite a prolonged time. NFT launchpad simply would make the process easier.


Sport is additionally a promising niche for introducing an NFT launchpad.

Step 2: Prepare the technical information.

The next stage of NFT launchpad development happens when you and also your technical partner produce a program requirements specification (SRS). The upcoming merchandise specifications would be the soil with the understanding between you and the creator which says exactly how the item must work and look.

The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad

This document includes the demands for the design, productivity, functionality, usability, and attributes or limitations of the merchandise. Generally, the developer creates the technical documentation according to the client ‘s info. It requires:

  • Defining the roles (administrator, author), investor.
  • Offer/define the item implementation means.
  • Offer NFT launchpad user streams structure.
  • Offer user interface structure.
  • Define the secondary and primary functions.
  • Develop the NFT launchpad architecture.

Your developer constitutes a development program and calculates the schedule and finances based on this info. Generally, it’s suggested creating the MVP primarily so you are able to type in the industry within the shortest time possible and also test the prospects on the concept. If the launch is successful, the MVP is made better and also supplemented with brand new features.

Step 3: Develop the WEB3 application prototype.

Then, you have to prototype the NFT launchpad design. It must be attractive, namely, and clean, user-friendly, one that consumers will love at first sight which it’ll be intuitive. If not, customers will not wish to use the platform of yours, even in case you’ve probably the broadest functionality and lowest costs on the industry.

There are 3 steps to developing this particular prototype: 

  • A draft. For starters, a drawing of the user interface design is drawn, where most crucial areas are marked; the platform ‘s logic, the quantity of screens, and also the interaction of theirs.
  • A wireframe. Then, many high-fidelity sketches are created, with various versions of what the interface may well are like (navigation, colors, functions, the layout of components, so on). These wireframes visualize the potential interface design therefore the customer is able to pick the structure they like best.
  • A clickable prototype. The animated user interface design is produced as it’ll be provided to the end users. It’s all of the large buttons, animations, videos, transitions between screens, so on, but absolutely no functions.

Step 4: Determine the ultimate UX/UI design.

The UX/UI designers make use of the prototype to build each tab on the crypto launchpad. It usually takes from one week to a number of months. If the task is complex, it may take as much as a year or more. As an outcome, you’ll have:

  • UX wireframe on the NFT launchpad.
  • An interface design for iOS and Android applications.
  • The design prototype of the future product.

Step 5: Initiate the application program development.

In this particular phase, programmers implement the performance and style of the project of yours within the program code: backend, cryptocurrency wallet, mobile app, frontend, along with smart contracts. This takes from 2 to 6 months.

Step 6: Test the service.

The moment the very first lines of code are written, QA experts control you, examining it for bugs and errors. Additionally, they additionally test platform operation, security, usability, performance, compatibility, and the functionality when Online connection is slow, the battery is low, etc.

Step 7: deploy the WEB3 application.

When the improvement of the mobile NFT launchpad is finished and the created product or service is extensively analyzed, it’s deployed in the cloud or perhaps on neighborhood servers. The platform is put into different listings. If the project features a mobile app, it’s put into mobile marketplaces.

Step 8: Application support.

The final stage in the improvement process consists of training personnel (managers, administrators) and also establishing a helpdesk. Additionally, it’s also essential to manage the group of feedback from owners to make use of this information for more development and improvement of the crypto launchpad.

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