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Use these free and paid ways to promote your NFT launchpad project

Use these free and paid ways to promote your NFT launchpad project

When another person is passionate and immersed in the game, several folks refer to it as “a fad that will pass shortly.” The NFT launchpad industry shocked the globe to its core. This’s a watershed moment in the evolution of art, culture, as well as the globe as a whole. Moreover, this’s an excellent chance for a lot of artists to shine and create an enormous impact on the life of theirs.

The NFT launchpad market welcomes all artists, from celebrities with large numbers of followers on social networking to newcomers to the world of nft games free to play. Each and every day, a lot of authors release their NFT launchpad collections or perhaps individual artworks. We believe you are an excellent artist who creates one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Nevertheless, catching the interest of collectors is not always enough.

All of this’s to show it’s crucial to advertise your crypto launchpad Collection.

We have put up a list of suggestions on how you can sell your NFTs and stand out among the throng. Continue reading to find out how to properly exhibit your NFT launchpad Collection to the majority of the planet.

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What exactly are the advantages of advertising your NFT launchpad Collection?

We may believe that artists develop NFTs for 3 main reasons: in order to produce money, to follow trends, and also to draw even more attention to the work of theirs. Regardless of the cause, they’re doomed to go wrong in case they don’t advance.

Use these free and paid ways to promote your NFT launchpad project

Let us have a look at exactly why promoting NFT launchpad Collections is very important: 

  • By publicizing the work of yours, you draw the interest of even more people that are much more willing to purchase it. Is not this self-evident? Nevertheless, several artists, especially newcomers without a marketing staff, just mint NFTs and stop there. Sales and public relations and marketing are inextricably linked. Thus, in case you want to produce money, you should promote yourself.
  • You become recognized if you organize the efforts of yours and attempt everything feasible and hard to get noticed. Passion and a real desire to be a well-known artist are usually rewarded. Promotion is going to benefit both the bottom line of yours and the personal brand of yours.
  • By publicizing your crypto launchpad Project, you not only attract collectors, but also various other artists with whom you might cooperate down the road.
  • Last but not least, when we see an artist that takes effort in creating his project public, we always pay attention to it as well as highlight it in our NFT launchpad Calendar.

Successful techniques for promoting your NFT launchpad project We have been studying the NFT launchpad sector intently for a number of months now. We have added a great deal more drops to the calendar of ours and social networking platforms, and we have learned a great deal about a great deal of artists and the way they promote the work of theirs. It aided us in evaluating numerous methods of crypto art promotion and selecting most efficient. Keep reading!

The drop of yours will be put into the NFT launchpad Calendar.

Crypto launchpad Calendar may be the only calendar on the market that compiles probably the finest NFT launchpad drops from a number of markets into a location that is convenient. This’s an excellent resource for crypto launchpad collectors who do not wish to waste time hopping from a single market to another in search of the most recent releases.

Adding the drop of yours to the NFT launchpad Calendar takes only a couple of minutes. All you’ve to do is fill out the form with the following info about your release:

  • the title of your NFT launchpad collection or perhaps artwork
  • info about the artist
  • description
  • the main visual of the drop of yours
  • the date and time of the drop of yours
  • a marketplace where your NFT launchpad drops Following a quick inspection by the staff of ours, the drop of yours will be put into the list. The submission is totally free!

We also post a few drops on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, exactly where we’ve a big following of NFT launchpad supporters.

To make a very long tale short, you are able to boost the visibility of the drop of yours by submitting it free of charge to the NFT launchpad Calendar. Is not it tempting?

Use these free and paid ways to promote your NFT launchpad project

Make use of your social media accounts

Social media marketing is an excellent strategy to get the name of yours out there. In the event that there are plenty of NFTs in an NFT launchpad Collection, artists should upload them on almost all of the social media profiles of theirs and showcase each one separately. It is essential to begin prepping the audience of yours for the release a minimum of 2 weeks in front of time. The most popular sites for showcasing your drop are Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Medium. Tell us about the tools you used to make the pieces, the collection ‘s core concept, any failures, etc.

Remember that certain people are not familiar with NFT launchpad art. Also, create a series of blogs explaining what NFT launchpad is as well as the reason it is a great idea to acquire digital collectibles.

Make a visually appealing teaser for your NFT launchpad project.

The main goal of teasers is to highlight what your NFT launchpad Project is about while keeping the suspense. This promotion type frequently piques the attention of potential collectors, encouraging them to stay tuned for more info and never miss the release date. Share the teaser of yours on social networking and send it with the marketplace for inclusion on its site as well as social networking channels.

Be inventive (you’re an artist, after all), and make the NFT launchpad globe eagerly await your release after seeing a sexy teaser.

Visit the marketplace ‘s highlighted drops.

This marketing type is negotiated with markets directly. Several of them, based on the findings of ours, have a distinct web page with highlighted drops. Every week, for instance, KnownOrigin develops a page with 4 5 highlighted drops and a countdown to the release. MakersPlace also gets a page which consists of the drop ‘s description, teasers or photos, and a countdown. Nifty Gateway publishes a weekly schedule on its site and on Twitter. Marketplaces will even advertise your NFTs on social media in case they make it with the highlighted drops. So, you get 2 birds for the cost of one!

Solicit support from your coworkers and friends for the release of yours.

The artist community is usually highly supportive. It is very likely that in case you ask your art friends and followers to post your NFT launchpad Project on social networking, they will say yes. You are going to build more buzz around your NFTs and allow them to be seen by more folks in case you act together.

Create a thread on Reddit/Bitcointalk about it.

When it concerns spreading the word about your NFT launchpad Collection, sites as Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk may be very helpful. Start a subject with a question like, “What rising NFT launchpad artists do you believe we need to keep an eye on?” You may send out back links to your talk and drop about yourself on behalf of another person by using another account.

It might appear to be a little dishonest. This particular form of advertising, nonetheless, wasn’t devised by us. Crowd-marketing is a term which is often-used in advertising.

Should you actually have anything to say, you may even participate in some other debates. The more your name appears on several platforms, the more apt it’s that folks will remember it.

This guide will help you launch an NFT launchpad
NFT Launchpads

This guide will help you launch an NFT launchpad

Evolution on the NFT sector has empowered numerous individuals to come up with big earnings channels. This particular element has become make an effort to extending to non-technical those who intend to penetrate the field.

GuardianLinks no code Launchpad is a program which allows for businesses or creators to produce an enthusiastic nft games list from zero within a couple of mins. Theoretically, the answer may cost you higher capital investments as well as a few months to deploy a functioning NFT industry in case they’re beginning from zero.

The NFTs are using the electronic society by storm. Almost all investors are keen on benefiting from the chances provided by electronic channels, particularly NFT Launchpad. The NFT based electronic marketplaces allow it to be easy to commit as well as get within the virtual planet. Furthermore, the investor’s considerable being successful and also ingenuity with this electronic planet.

This guide will help you launch an NFT launchpad

Just how Does an NFT Launchpad Work?

Proposition Owners are able to teach their proposals on the NFT Launchpad group with total info regarding the venture.

KYC Verification 

A solid Verification procedure happens right after the proposition is posted. The pro teams evaluate the proposition to discover whether or not it’s just like additional regular task or maybe in case it’s inventive or even a thrilling NFT challenge.

Onboarding the next thing is giving consent into the proposition in case it appears to be unique and promising. The Platform is going to take exactly what the NFT task guarantees. The undertaking may additionally be made the decision through the local community voting procedure.

Views of professionals 

A counseling staff offered by NFT Launchpad advises the task staff regarding the specifics to cultivate the small business.

White colored papers drafting Whitish paper drafting may be the approach to determining the task do the job, engineering piles, other information and marketing strategies to discover a wide-ranging enterprise.

Right after building the profile, the whitepaper along with other Project information are mentioned for investors on

The Funding sort which the proprietors are able to pick with regard to their NFT tasks is IDO, IEO, ICO, and so on. Within this particular moment the task is authorized to the “Coming projects” area. Undertaking Marketing The advertising strategies have Seo, etc., discord marketing, social media, making sure the undertaking obtains endorsement around the world.

Crowdfunding happens in deep 2 phases. Goal is provided to investors that eat tokens within the very first sequence, after which the next sequence is ready to accept other investors.

What’s the greatest thing about NFT Launchpad Development Services?

This guide will help you launch an NFT launchpad

Rapidly Launch NFT Project 

Every originator on the wedge is able to generate an unique profile for their NFTs. Most makers distinctly control and also release their NFT tasks. Investors are able to buy the group of tokens coming from startups or maybe specific makers to improve their earnings by creating earnings.

Business devices are able to buy around contact with viewers around the world simply within secs. Companies also can continue monitor of their prior investors as well as provide them extra advantages like evidence of their commitment.

Our NFT Launchpad transmits away notifications to token collectors with regards to upcoming tasks from a particular originator. In a nutshell, every little thing has become probable within a shorter time, that assists businesspersons to release their NFT tasks on the market fast.

Probably the most visible blockchain framework is Ethereum, that is utilized to make all of the blockchain based NFT platforms. Reasonable Transaction charges Certainly. These proofs produce blockages inside the networking and also cost computer users increased gasoline charges.

In order to deal with the consequences, we offer effective crypto launchpad treatments based upon advanced and modern solutions. Our NFT Launchpad advancement supplies the owners with a longer minting expertise.

NFTs having a top substitution on funding are by far the most high priced property in Crypto. Due to their features and uniqueness, NFTs obtain higher return shipping. The NFT Launchpad guarantees the ownership and also authenticity on the NFTs and possesses the possibility to boost the need for the NFTs which enhances the marketplace worth of all of the tokens.

Investors are rigorous on purchasing high value tokens during the probed price tag. The excessive amount of NFTs which are minting for a particular originator enhances the marketplace need as well as the valuation on the inventor. Slots of the token can actually generate countless bucks trading the NFTs obtained thru the NFT launch.

As a result, do not hesitate to make contact with us in case you want help within introducing an NFT. We’re right here to assist you. Get hold of us right now to learn more concerning our NFT advancement expertise as well as we’ve a great deal of expertise dealing with brand new artists as well as owners. We’d really like helping you take your NFT to sell.

Final thoughts

The evolution of the NFT sector has enabled numerous people to think of big earnings channels. This element has become try to extend to non – technical individuals who wish to enter the field.

GuardianLinks no code Launchpad is really a system that allows creators or businesses to create an enthusiastic NFT market from zero in a few minutes. Hypothetically, the answer could set you back higher capital investments and a number of months to build a functioning NFT industry if they are just starting from zero.

NFTs make use of the electronic society in a storm. Nearly all investors are eager to take advantage of the opportunities offered by electronic channels, especially NFT Launchpad. The NFT – based electronic markets enable it to be simple to commit and get within the virtual world. Moreover, the investor’s considerable success as well as ingenuity with this electronic world.

You see, NFT is a ticking time money bomb waiting to explode. And having a crypto launchpad to host your NFT on will really accentuate the value of your NFT. Start today. 

The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad
NFT Games NFT Launchpads

The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad

Custom development is the one sensible option for NFT Launchpad development since this’s the sole method to offer good protection and security for the platform and people. Moreover, only a seasoned designer in Blockchain, DeFi, and NFT must have the job. We’ve outstanding team and also marvelous experience in NFT development.

The following are the recent cases of ours in NFT and also blockchain development: 

BigFan – it’s a platform for promoting sports new nft games using ERC 1155. All tokens are given in cooperation with sports teams and players or maybe the official representatives of theirs.

Vleppo – this BaaS platform provides enterprises and freelancers with a strategy to control and transport the digital assets of theirs, produce sensible contracts with integrated escrow features, and also have a loan with cryptocurrency collateral.

Wide Wine – a logistic blockchain platform that can help trace the supply chains of wine and confirm the authenticity. Examine the situation.

Coinbird/CEX – cryptocurrency exchange with high level security and safety. Moreover, it supports operations with fiat currencies. Examine the situation.

AltcoinsHub – it’s a P2P exchange that can help to trade all famous cryptocurrencies.

The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad

Step 1: Define the project ‘s idea 

The initial step of NFT launchpad development calls for defining the company is designed as well as goals, monetization models, integrations, functionality, design requirements, and so on. The happier you comprehend and explain these aspects, the better it is going to be for all the designers to carry out the ideas of yours.

In addition, choosing a certain niche for your project is a wise idea. Hence, you are going to have a narrower target audience yet personalize the layout and advertising to help make the task much more effective and economical.

Below are a few cases of niches.


We don’t recommend this niche if the budget of yours and time are restricted since there are lots of competitors. Nevertheless, this particular specialized niche gets much funding and many investors and NFT enthusiasts.

Video games. 

This’s possibly the next most promising niche for creating your very own NFT touchpad. At exactly the same time, it is able to overtake digital art in the end because the industry for video games is significantly bigger compared to the market for conventional and digital art.

Film industry. 

This industry services the largest market. It touches everyone to some degree, since all watch films and also series. Hence, this particular market is promising too.


These’re people that are famous who have an audience. The influencers can efficiently profit from the popularity of theirs with NFTs.


Numerous individuals are content creators (texts, memes, animations, images, photos, 3d models). NFT launchpad will help to monetize content easily.


The musicians use NFTs to profit from the art of theirs for quite a prolonged time. NFT launchpad simply would make the process easier.


Sport is additionally a promising niche for introducing an NFT launchpad.

Step 2: Prepare the technical information.

The next stage of NFT launchpad development happens when you and also your technical partner produce a program requirements specification (SRS). The upcoming merchandise specifications would be the soil with the understanding between you and the creator which says exactly how the item must work and look.

The process involved in creating an NFT launchpad

This document includes the demands for the design, productivity, functionality, usability, and attributes or limitations of the merchandise. Generally, the developer creates the technical documentation according to the client ‘s info. It requires:

  • Defining the roles (administrator, author), investor.
  • Offer/define the item implementation means.
  • Offer NFT launchpad user streams structure.
  • Offer user interface structure.
  • Define the secondary and primary functions.
  • Develop the NFT launchpad architecture.

Your developer constitutes a development program and calculates the schedule and finances based on this info. Generally, it’s suggested creating the MVP primarily so you are able to type in the industry within the shortest time possible and also test the prospects on the concept. If the launch is successful, the MVP is made better and also supplemented with brand new features.

Step 3: Develop the WEB3 application prototype.

Then, you have to prototype the NFT launchpad design. It must be attractive, namely, and clean, user-friendly, one that consumers will love at first sight which it’ll be intuitive. If not, customers will not wish to use the platform of yours, even in case you’ve probably the broadest functionality and lowest costs on the industry.

There are 3 steps to developing this particular prototype: 

  • A draft. For starters, a drawing of the user interface design is drawn, where most crucial areas are marked; the platform ‘s logic, the quantity of screens, and also the interaction of theirs.
  • A wireframe. Then, many high-fidelity sketches are created, with various versions of what the interface may well are like (navigation, colors, functions, the layout of components, so on). These wireframes visualize the potential interface design therefore the customer is able to pick the structure they like best.
  • A clickable prototype. The animated user interface design is produced as it’ll be provided to the end users. It’s all of the large buttons, animations, videos, transitions between screens, so on, but absolutely no functions.

Step 4: Determine the ultimate UX/UI design.

The UX/UI designers make use of the prototype to build each tab on the crypto launchpad. It usually takes from one week to a number of months. If the task is complex, it may take as much as a year or more. As an outcome, you’ll have:

  • UX wireframe on the NFT launchpad.
  • An interface design for iOS and Android applications.
  • The design prototype of the future product.

Step 5: Initiate the application program development.

In this particular phase, programmers implement the performance and style of the project of yours within the program code: backend, cryptocurrency wallet, mobile app, frontend, along with smart contracts. This takes from 2 to 6 months.

Step 6: Test the service.

The moment the very first lines of code are written, QA experts control you, examining it for bugs and errors. Additionally, they additionally test platform operation, security, usability, performance, compatibility, and the functionality when Online connection is slow, the battery is low, etc.

Step 7: deploy the WEB3 application.

When the improvement of the mobile NFT launchpad is finished and the created product or service is extensively analyzed, it’s deployed in the cloud or perhaps on neighborhood servers. The platform is put into different listings. If the project features a mobile app, it’s put into mobile marketplaces.

Step 8: Application support.

The final stage in the improvement process consists of training personnel (managers, administrators) and also establishing a helpdesk. Additionally, it’s also essential to manage the group of feedback from owners to make use of this information for more development and improvement of the crypto launchpad.

Ten Ways to Fix MMOs

Ten Ways to Fix MMOs

MMOs are borked. At least according to games journo Tom Chick. Oh, and that’s right, me too.

In fact, if you’re a regular of this blog, you’ll know that myself (being a regular MMO gamer) and Dave (who isn’t) are both regularly critical of the state of MMOs today. Not to say we’re against the genre, just that the present offerings haven’t advanced the game significantly, and are ultimately based on outdated and, for many, flawed gameplay mechanisms; things like grinding, level progression, theme parks, long travel times etc. Not that upcoming offerings are much different.

So it doesn’t surprise me that others are starting to cry out. It’s time for a change. So, instead of firing another salvo against MMOs today, I’m going to offer some constructive suggestions to improve them.

1) Make the worlds more engaging

MMOs tend to come in one of two flavours: theme park or sandbox. But theme parks, like WoW, have come to the fore in recent years, probably because of the grand success of its exemplar. However, theme parks must be done well in order to be convincing, and WoW does do it well. Others don’t.

In fact, Warhamme Online is an interesting case in point. You’d think Warhammer would have the ideal pretext for a theme park: a world that doesn’t need to change significantly because it’s always in a state of war, and no one side can win outright. But it fails, with many on the forums (myself included) finding the static nature of the world to be hollow and unfulfilling – it doesn’t take long before you really feel as though your character can make virtually no impact on the world. Which is odd, because in WoW you also know you can’t make much impact on the world, but the illusion that you can is more convincing.

However, theme parks aren’t the only way to roll. Sandboxes work. Not for everyone, but there’s definitely a substantial population who want to be a part of a world, influencing it and changing it by their actions. Or just living in it.

Ten Ways to Fix MMOs

That said, theme parks and sandboxes are not exhaustive of the possibilities for an MMO. ‘MMO’ is less of a genre than a technical feature. All an MMO is is a massively multiplayer game. That could strictly speaking be just about anything. You could have an MMO that is basically a lobby for a series of Counter-Strike matches or WWII battles that each feed into a greater strategic plot. You could have a combat game where you fight through a dungeon or labyrinth, and doing so unlocks new options or classes for the next time you run through. An MMO doesn’t need to be an MMORPG, if you get my drift.

2) Ditch classes and levels

This one is a part of a multi-tier rejection of the Dungeons & Dragons mechanic, which somehow has become the gold standard in MMOs. But just pause for a moment and reflect on how ludicrous it is to just stand there taking turns whacking a mob until one of you fall over. It’s not like all MMOs need to be like the Battle of the Somme…

So the first step is to ditch classes. You don’t need to ditch roles, just classes. You also don’t need to ditch character specialisation, just classes.

Classes were a convenient way of describing a role in early wargames and role playing games. In Gary Gygax’s original Chainmail you’d have light foot or heavy foot, which were useful abstractions for distinguishing between a javelin and shield skirmisher and a mailed man at arms. But by having classes like tank, ranged DPS, melee DPS just railroads players into a very narrow path of gameplay. Not all MMOs do this, but most do.

So, allow players to develop a character along mulitple lines. This could be a skills based mechanic, or a customisable power mechanic. And you needn’t lock them in to just one skill set at any one time. Or force them through hoops to respec their abilities. As you can see, there are already MMOs breaking free of the classes thing, but too many perpetuate it (AoC, WAR, I’m looking at you).

And don’t make the game so hard that players need to overspecialise and play their role flawlessly if they’re to survive. Sure, have a hardcore mode for those who want the challenge, but don’t necessititate it.

Finally, don’t make items more important than skills. Certainly items should be important – but more for the extra abilities or specialisations they lend rather than the core stats. Or don’t have items at all. City of Heroes doesn’t, and you don’t hear anyone complaining.

3) Make combat smarter

As mentioned above: stand, whack, fall over is not good enough. Compare Quake to Counter-Strike (or its precursor, Action Quake). In the former the only way to make an enemy more threatening was to up the hit points. But what made the latter so compelling was the sense of danger you had whenever you rounded a corner or entered a room. A single head shot was potentially lethal, which inspired caution – and tension.

Yet in MMOs, you uniformly blast away multiple times to take something down. That’s the Doom mechanic. It’s time for the Counter-Strike mechanic to hit MMOs.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying all MMOs need be twitch games, just that they aren’t battles of attrition. One example mechanic might be reacting to the enemy moves – so when they attack a symbol flashes on screen, and if you click when the symbol appears, you successfully block – or conversely, a symbol appears when there’s an opening in their defences, allowing you to strike for a critical blow. This needn’t be adversely affected by lag, and it can still have skills contributing to your performance, such as by increasing the window when you can click for a heavier blow. And heck, that’s just one mechanic off the top of my head – there must be hundreds more that aren’t swing-swing-swing-dead.

4) Don’t make me grind

Just don’t. I know some people enjoy it. But most of us don’t.

As a point of clarification, challenging, enjoyable combat isn’t a grind. It’s a grind when I’m motivated more by the end result (xp, loot etc) than the experience of the combat.

So, either make the combat more intrinsically entertaining or give me the end result sooner so I don’t have to grind.

I know MMOs want people to play for as long as possible, but making me grind is just lazy. Give me content, or give me entertaining gameplay, or don’t release your game.

5) Make mobs smarter

I can’t beleive I even need to point this out. Mobs in MMOs are bloody idiots. Have we really not progressed one jot in mob AI since Ghosts ‘n Goblins? Yet we’ve becomed so acustomed to seeing a mob 20 metres away in broad daylight and not having it notice us. Or the old chestnut of killing one and having its nearby mates not notice. It’s got to stop.

Make mobs smart. Make them work as a team. Make them unpredictable. Give them special abilities. Make them a challenge.

Just imagine: you turn a corner in the dark dungeon and in the gloom ahead you surprise an orc exiting a side door. For a moment you both pause, staring at each other, waiting for one to make a move. The orc looks at you, looks back in the door from which he came, then makes a break for the room, shouting to rouse his buddies. When you enter the room, they’ve overturned two beds to use for cover while they pelt you with javelins, stones, plates, whatever they can get their hands on. Meanwhile two brutes advance on you, while the more gaunt leader shouts orders from the rear. After a short but vicious battle, the brutes are down and the leader felled by an arrow. At this point the remaining orcs make a break for the door, knocking you down and running for their lives.

That’s not far from Half-Life AI. Why can’t we have that in an MMO?

Ten Ways to Fix MMOs

6) Encourage grouping

There should be absolutely no reason not to group. Groups should earn more xp, get more loot, fight more mobs, have bigger challenges etc. When a group completes one person’s quest, everyone should get the reward as if it was theirs.

In theme parks, this hasn’t worked so well to date, because you might have to run someone else’s quest before you can get to yours. Or you’ll be running every which where to achieve everyone’s objectives. So people tend to solo becasue it’s more efficient xp/min. So I declare fail to that model.

Another way to encourage grouping is give every class a group buff. It could be complementary or contrasting to the role. So tanks could give an auto damage buff or a resistance buff to everyone in the group etc. A group should be more powerful than the sum of its parts – and the mobs should scale to suit. Everybody wins.

7) Quality of life

Don’t make me run for five minutes, let alone 15 minutes – especially over well trodden ground – to get to a quest location/giver. Give me fast transport no more than 10 minutes after I start the game.

Give me a fully flexible and customisable UI with multiple chat windows and quest trackers.

Give me a LFG and an LFM window.

Make the game mechanic transparent. Give me access to the real numbers going on under the hood – don’t hide them away (unless there’s a good reason to keep them secret).

Have everyone auto sidekick to the highest level person in a team or to the team leader.

Let me move servers to play with my buddies. Let me change my name. Let me change my appearance as often as I like. Don’t restrict me doing these things unless you have a very good reason.

Allow me to download the client rather than install from disc. And, for the love of crap, don’t make me have the disc in the drive to play.

8) Make subscriptions cheaper

MMOs are all about critical mass. You want as many people playing as possible. Yet at $15 a month (which becomes $22.50 in Australian dollars), most people will only subscribe to one MMO, maybe two. So, have a low subscription price, and you’ll potentially pick up all those casual players or those who like to play something different from their other MMOs from time to time. As a bonus, your server populations will be higher. And for many of us, teaming is what makes MMOs fun.

9) Listen to, and engage with, players

There are a lot of fanboys and dickheads in the world, and a disproportionate number of them play MMOs, it seems. But developers who foster healthy two way communication with their players will only benefit.

There are pitfalls, to be sure. There’ll always be a vocal minority, and they may not represent the interests of the majority of players. But there’ll also be a lot of keen insights and helpful suggestions on how to improve the game. Listen to them. Given them what they want.

I’ve been struck by the changes to City of Heroes since Cryptic handed it over to NCSoft. It seems the new team have basically decided to give the players what they ask for. So several classes and powersets have received buffs (with very few receiving nerfs), xp gain has been increased, travel powers made more easily acquired at low levels, there’s more customisability and flexibility over powers, and the list goes on. And the game is better for it.

10) Launch when it’s finished

I shouldn’t even have to say this. But an unfinished game should not be launched. If that means developers have to pare back the features to a managable level, do so. But don’t release if it’s not done.

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Why Women Don't Make Games

Why Women Don’t Make Games

Women are being “left on sidelines” in the “video game revolution”, according to the LA Times:

The video game industry is flourishing, especially in California, as sales continue to climb despite a faltering economy. But the hiring has largely bypassed women. They comprise fewer than 1 in 5 workers in the business, according to a 2007 survey by Game Developer Magazine. Among game programmers, the number is a paltry 3%.

And this is a Bad Thing, according to many pundits:

“It’s important for women to be involved creatively because we need to broaden the reach of games,” said Simon Carless, publisher of Game Developer Magazine. “They should be a universal art form.”

But the real question is – assuming it is, indeed a Bad Thing – what can be done about it? And the answer to this, I fear, is not much.


There are gender imbalances in many careers, and not always slanted in favour of men. For example, primary school teachers are dominated by women, often by ratios of up to 10:1, in many Western countries. Nursing is another example, and the imbalance is even more pronounced: only around 6% of nurses in the UK and Canada are male; around 8.5% in Australia.

Why do these imbalances occur? The oft cited causes are sexism, bias in education and lack of role models – all environmental factors. I don’t doubt that all three factors are at play to some degree, but I don’t think they tell the whole story. For they leave out biology.

The fact is, many jobs in game development require a high level of not only proficiency, but interest, in mathematics – an abstract subject if ever there was one. Note that women make up 20% of the games development workforce, but only 3% of programmers.

The Controversial Bit

There’s evidence to suggest that this is because women simply aren’t as interested in such high-level abstract subjects, and are drawn away to other subjects during their education and subsequent career.

But there’s also evidence – and this’ll sound controversial… heck, it got Larry Summers booted from Harvard for mentioning it – that women also aren’t as proficient as men in high level mathematics.

The study that shows this is a significant, and oft cited, one – not fringe research. It’s by Xitao Fan and Michael Chen from Utah State University and Audrey Matsumoto from Andersen Consulting Education, and it was published in 1997.

Why Women Don't Make Games

Looking in detail at national mathematics test results of high school students across the United States, it found that while the mean performance of males and females was similar, the standard deviation for males was greater. For those of you who are lucky enough to never have studied statistics, this basically means the average scores were the same, but some males performed a lot worse than the average, and some performed a lot better.

The significance of this is not necessarily obvious. So… a very small percentage of males perform significantly higher than average, and even higher than the top performing women. But consider the kinds of people who are likely to enter a career in mathematics – or game programming. It’ll be those who have a natural aptitude for mathematics. It’ll be the outliers, not those around the mean.

As a consequence, it’s not surprising that there are more males in game programming jobs than women. And it’s also not such an easy thing to change artificially without nudging people who either don’t particularly want to be programmers or who aren’t particularly suited to being programmers into the job.

Does this mean we shouldn’t encourage women into jobs in game development? Absolutely not! We should provide every encouragement for anybody who wants a job and is capable of bringing valuable talent to it. And game development isn’t all about maths. Women have a great deal to contribute – but we will have to acknowledge that we’ll likely never see parity of men and women in the field, especially in programming.

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Spore: The Intelligent Design Simulator

Spore: The Intelligent Design Simulator

I need to get something off my chest. Contrary to popular belief, Spore doesn’t simulate evolution. But it does very effectively model a universe governed by Intelligent Design.

A popular misnomer is that evolution is a ‘creative’ process, in the sense that it is a force that necessarily shapes organisms to be somehow ‘better’ than previous organisms. This was the discredited view held by some Social Darwinists, such as Herbert Spencer, the philosopher who coined the term “survival of the fittest”.

However, that’s not how evolution rolls. In fact, the operative force behind evolution, natural selection, could be seen as more of a destructive force than a creative one. Natural selection works more actively to eliminate ‘unfit’ organisms (or traits, or genes, depending on how you look at it) rather than promoting ‘fit’ ones. Over the long term certain genes do increase in frequency, but the genes themselves were created by random mutations.

Crucial here is your definition of ‘fitness’. It’s easy to think of fitness as being sharper teeth, longer claws etc, as represented in the creature editor. But in fact, fitness is defined by the ability of an organism to breed and pass its genes on to a subsequent generation – tooth and claw might help in this process, but they’re not necessary to define fitness.

So an animal could be the Ultimate Predator on the savannah, but if it doesn’t reproduce, then it’s fitness amounts to nought. Compare that to the Hapless Herbivore that might constantly become food for the ultimate predator, but old Hapless might breed like, well, rabbits and eventually outlive the Ultimate Predator (or it’s genes will) over the generations. In this case it could be said that the organism with the greater fitness was Hapless, regardless of its stunted teeth, poor sense of direction and gift for running straight into the toothy maw of the feisty Ultimate.

So when you’re playing Spore, and you periodically pause to ‘evolve’ your organism, you’re not emulating evolution. But you are nicely emulating the way Intelligent Design works.
And I quote (from the Discovery Institute website):

“The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.”

And in Spore, that “intelligent cause” is you.

Spore: The Intelligent Design Simulator

Every time you meddle, it’s the hand of, um, whatever it is the ID crew think is running the show (just between you and me, I think they might actually think it’s God, but it could equally be a player of MetaSpore in another universe) that is shaping the direction of the organism. Not evolution.

In fact, an effective evolution simulator (of which there are many) would have you establish the parameters of the environment and introduce some virtual organisms and let them run their course. As long as they satisfy a few prerequisites – such as reproduction, heredity and the ability to mutate – then we’re talking evolution.

As such, Spore: Evolution Edition would not have you fiddling with the organism, but with the environment. And it probably wouldn’t be all that engaging, to tell you the truth.

That said, as a staunch evolutionist I’m not suggesting we hit the streets, torches and pitchforks in hand, to attend a mass burning of Spore discs. In fact, I think Spore is an excellent game and a powerful tool to teach some aspects of scientific thinking, as are many of Will Wright’s games. But I just want people to stop calling Spore an ‘evolution simulator’. Because every time you do, baby Jesus cries. And that’s a fact.

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